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About Us

The CPT code library is owned and operated by CLIAwaived,Inc, a San Diego based California Corporation.  The CPT Code library is updated monthly and is designed to provide CLIA labs with the latest CPT code information and reimbursement information. 

CLIAwaived,Inc does not guarantee or promise coverage or payment for any particular procedure, test, or service.  Providers offering waived testing should check with their respective health benefit plan or payer to determine exact payments and requirements for reimbursement.  Keep in mind most waived tests must be considered medically necessary, be performed as reported, and supporting documentation maintained in the patients medical records. The developers of this website welcome any recommendation, suggestions, changes, or edits. Please use the contact us page to reach out to us.

General Disclaimer

It is the individual provider's responsibility to determine appropriate, medically necessary coding, charges and claims for a particular service. Providers are responsible for determining medical necessity for all Medicare recognized panel tests. To be eligible for coverage, each component test must be medically necessary for the individual patient. In addition, for tests grouped on single cassettes or cartridges, providers are responsible for determining the medical necessity of each test for each patient. Laws, regulations and payer policies regarding appropriate coding and payment levels can vary greatly from payer to payer and change over time. CLIAwaived, Inc recommends that providers contact their own regional payers to determine appropriate coding and charge or payment levels.

CLIAwaived,Inc. specifically disclaims liability or responsibility for the results or consequences of any actions taken in reliance on information on this website.